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A Responsible Supplier

A Responsible Supplier

Continually improving


A lot of companies play the environmental card; trot out the old recycled product range when they are challenged and wave the environmental flag of their buying group or wholesaler.

The bigger players in our industry are obviously able to demonstrate their compliance through the employment of teams of consultants and a large public relations department.

But we are refreshingly different for an independent ……………  you see we have always cared.

We ……

•             Were the first independent to achieve ISO14001

•             Achieved Carbon Neutral status when most of our competitors were just neutral about the environment

•             Offer the fullest range of recycling services in the market

•             Introduce innovative products and services to our customers

•             Consistently push ourselves in reducing our carbon footprint, resulting in year on year improvements

•             Encourage and educate customers to be more responsible within their own business.


OK …… So what do we do?

•             Closed loop paper recycling

•             Reduction targets of non-recyclable waste

•             Toner and cartridge recycling

•             Environmental audit of manufacture

•             Environmental audit of distribution

•             Reduction of usage targets


It’s More Than a Badge

Actually caring about the world we leave our children, as opposed to being able to demonstrate compliance to some standard to impress prospects; is just part of our commitment to being a more responsible company.

We actually talk the talk and walk the walk!

Our CSR policy (which you can download on this website) sets out what we believe in and how we try and make the world a better place.

We care about our staff, our customers and our community.  We worry about our supply chain the environment and our legacy to the future.


We do our best …………………………

•             We want our staff to enjoy their work

•             We want our customers to know they are using an ethical company

•             We want to engage in our community and play a part to make it more cohesive

•             We want our suppliers to learn from us and adopt best practice for their employees and community

•             We want our children and grandchildren to be proud of us