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Customer Services

Customer Services

Unrivalled expertise and a passionate commitment to quality

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Our success over the past thirty five years has been built upon competitive pricing, high quality products and, above all, the very finest levels of service

With a tradition for outstanding customer service  our account managers are passionate about offering you a friendly, professional service.  They will treat you as an individual, not just another account.

Our staff are available to offer you friendly and helpful advice on the services and products we offer.


Making it Easy

“Nobody got sacked for choosing IBM, but maybe they should have!”

The big conglomerates in the Office Supplies market tend to win and keep business for one reason alone, ‘Look how big we are and if we supply all these companies surely we must be doing something right?’

However, more and more businesses are now realising real savings by looking at their procurement process and recognising that big is not always best…..after all Goliath lost !

Real savings can be made by…….

  • Working with proper RRP’s not ones inflated to make % discounts look attractive
  • Working with the supplier to achieve a 90% core list use, rather than the supplier working towards a 40% non-core target !
  • Having a supplier working with you to achieve reduced usage targets

Those organisations who have identified that there is real commercial sense in changing from the ‘usual suspects’ find that they have not just benefited financially, but they also start enjoying better service levels; dealing with people rather than centres and becoming important rather than just another account.


Sovereign work with our customers to become a partner rather than just a supplier

Sovereign realise that when we win a new customer the key to a successful change is to produce an implementation plan that is not just detailed and comprehensive – It also needs to be flexible and scalable. It needs to identify clear responsibilities for key staff and put in place KPI’s to measure the progress.

Sovereign believes that the biggest battle that needs to be won during implementation is getting the people within the organisation onside and this belief is reflected in the level of account management that is built within every implementation plan.

Sovereign has demonstrated time after time that they can deliver what they promise and our high levels of account retention and loyalty has proved that we do not just ‘talk the talk’.


Choose Sovereign and now you can relax!

How can we save you money?


We are cost reduction specialists and will help you to find and eliminate the hidden procurement costs within your business. Our free of charge service analyses your company administration and operation procedures as well as the products and services you use to improve your profitability.

The process is simple to undertake and straightforward to implement, guaranteeing you genuine savings throughout all areas of your business whilst improving controls and budgets.

If you would like to find out more about our cost reduction service, please contact us on 0121 550 8919


Helping you to save time

saving time

Sovereign Office Products guarantee a great choice of products that are reliable and competitively priced. Combine your office products order with our facilities management service. This will save you time trying to source products from a range of suppliers, reduce your impact on the environment and your carbon footprint.

We offer expert, objective advice and support – before and after your purchase. We will work with you to ensure you are buying the best value products for your particular needs.

Contact us on 0121 550 8919 to discuss how we can help you save time and money